April 3, 2017


Sailing is a sport that requires what is known as a ‘Unified Partner’ ie someone who does not have an intellectual (learning) disability.  This partner is in the boat with the disabled sailor and supports them in what they have to do, whether as a helm or crew: Having a unified partner is crucial otherwise it severely restricts the sailing time available for the sailors if there is no partner free to help.

Currently we are training 3 new sailors with unified partners for the National Summer Games taking place in Liverpool 2021 but more can be accommodated if a unified partner can go along with them.  We already use siblings as partners and family members are often the best option as they are accompanying the sailors.
An update as of Oct 2017: After an incredibly successful Nationals competition our 5 pairs; 10 sailors: came away with 4 Gold Medals; 2 Bronze Medals; 2 4th places & 2 5th places: in 2 levels:)
Have to report we trained on RS Visons all season in Portsmouth Harbour so when it came to Sheffield we ended up sailing WayFarers on a large lake, which turned out to be much easier; no tides, no other sailing or motorized vessels, a whole lake to ourselves: racing round a triangle course which meant a variety of different tacks & gibes over 3 days of very different wind & weather conditions: GREAT FUN & HUGE SUCCESS:)

Sailing is in Portsmouth Harbour during the months of April to October; usually all day Sunday, at least once a month but is dependent on the tides; so dates will be shown on our calendar of events for 2019: